iThenticate is put on the market as “Plagiarism Software”. You can find a description on
We as researchers use the software in our university to scan the authenticity of -for instance- PhD manuscripts.

Its blabla is impressive “iThenticate has two primary benefits. First, authors can ensure they have sufficiently cited their sources and presented the highest quality written work. Second, this preliminary editorial review will allow editors to view and move submitted documents through the peer-review or referee process to publication, confident that content is original.”

Inappropriate use of this program can cause heartaches.
In a recent experience, the journal which applied the software on one of our papers, scanned and reported the results of the manuscript, including:
1. all author names and complete affiliations mentioned on the title page
2. the “Acknowledgements” section
3. the section on “Funding” and “Duality of Interest”
4. the section on “Availability of data and materials”
5. the section on Medical Ethical approval
6. the abstract, but unfortunately it was included twice !!
The use of iThenticate by the unexperienced can be a recipe for disaster.